Beach Mini’s & Some Catching Up

Wowzers! I know I’m FAILING at blogging but jeez! This is bad, even for me! I’ve been so super busy over the last few months that I’m not sure which way is up and which way is down! But busy is good! I’ve had so many wonderful sessions with new clients and some repeat sessions as well. I love meeting new people! I’ve decided to combine my sessions in this post just for time’s sake but after today I will be back to blogging each session individually. Without further adieu…pictures!

board 1 june 18

board 2 june 18

board 4 june 18board 3 june 18

Busy, right?! I know!! I have loved every minute of it! On top of those sessions, I’ve also been spending a lot of time with my kiddos since school let out for the summer. I was accepted into Nursing School, which begins in August, and I am LIVING it up while I still can! I’ve got quite a few mini vacations planned for this summer as well. My first one is next week when I’m headed off to Virginia Beach to spend some time with my favorite sister (and best friend to boot)! While I’m there I’m offering BEACH MINI SESSIONS!! These are some of the best kinds of pictures I could ever take and I’m so excited to be offering them! If you or someone you know are going to be in the Chick’s beach area next Tuesday or Wednesday, be sure to send them my way! I only have a few spots open for these gorgeous sunset mini sessions!


That seems like so much information in one post but I’m just glad to be back in the blogging game! On another note, I have updated my website again and am proud to announce that I now offer packages for almost any type of session. Be sure to check them out here! While you are there, be sure to check out the updated galleries for more great pictures from the sessions you got a sneak peek of above. Finally, I wanted to also share that I am now taking session reservations online! You can go directly to my calendar to see what is available and reserve your date instantly!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read the blog today! I hope you enjoyed it! Check back soon for more updates and of course, more great pictures!



Flash Sale!


It’s been a while since I’ve been out to shoot (mainly because of crazy weather and crazy schedules) but I am definitely feeling the withdrawals from not being behind the lens! Right now I am offering a 20% discount on ANY session that is booked and paid in full by 12:00 midnight on February 28th 2013! You can book now and schedule for any date in 2013 that is open and available. Spring portraits, prom, summertime fun, birthdays, fall, Christmas…you name it! So head on over to the website or send me an email directly at to get scheduled!

The Best and Last Giveaway of the Year!!

And of course it’s being hosted by none other than the Rachel Brenke! Rachel is a huge inspiration to me in the progress of my career as a photographer. I cannot tell you how much her tips, thoughts, advice, and all over help has been in steering my business in the direction I want it to go for 2013. From her client guide to her workflow chart, and even her amazing workshops; she truly allows each and every person who uses her products to fulfill their dreams.

And now, she’s ringing in the new year with an AMAZING giveaway!


An Ipad, Lightroom 4, Rachel’s Amazing Workflow Chart, 2 different Amazon gift cards, a $500 Branding Gift Certificate, Rachel’s Portrait Contract Bundle, Rachel’s Payment Plan Contract Bundle, and of course Her AMAZING Client Guide.

I purchased her Client Guide to start my 2013 out right and I am so excited to put it out there for my clients! It allows me to put all my important information in one place and its so easy to present to my clients! I can even set it up to display on my website. It looks clean, professional, and the best part? It is 100% edit-ready so it reflects who I am and what my business is all about. Pretty awesome stuff.

I don’t know about you but that is a pretty awesome giveaway!!! **Personally, I would LOOOOOVE to get my hands on lightroom or that branding certificate! There are 9 :: Count them NINE winners!!

Head on over to Rachel’s blog to enter the giveaway and while you are there check out her amazing products too. While the giveaway is running she is offering 40% off everything!! You can do that here. Now, go Rock you Business with her awesome products!!

Click on the image above to go right to the giveaway, or you could just click here.

The “P” Family :: Burlington Family Photographer ::

Have you ever met people who you cannot image having never met?  That’s how I feel about the P family. Mommy P and I met through an online message board for local mommies and I have to say, I was a little intimidated at first to capture this family of 6. Having three children myself, a family with four kids under four years old is scary to me! LOL! However, after 5 minutes, I completely fell in love with the family…especially the littles. I respect and applaud the relationship that Mom & Dad have with each other. You can see the love that flows freely between them and outward towards their children.

Thank you P family for allowing me into your little world for a bit. I look forward to capturing your memories for a long time to come!

What exactly do you mean by copyright?

This question gets asked a million times by clients and even just friends and family that have no idea what it really means to have copyrights to the pictures I take. I am a huge fan of Rachel Brenke and she completely broke it down in her blog today with Stop Messing up my art!

Clients, please remember that the images you receive from me are my work. They are near and dear to my heart and I put every ounce of me into your photos. Downloading them without permission, and printing off low resolution, watermarked work makes my heart hurt. Fellow photogs, please check out Rachel’s site! She has a gazillion forms, contracts and amazing items available to help you protect yourself and your business! Feel free to Click here to visit Rachel Brenke Photography. I guarantee you will not regret it! You can also check her out on facebook and follow her on twitter!


Black Friday Special!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope that today finds you celebrating with your family happily and with TONS of yummy food to eat.  Today I am so grateful that I get to spend my day with a bunch of happy, insane, funny individuals that I get to call my family. With that I am taking off for the day but I wanted to give you a one-day preview of the special I will be offering tomorrow!


Yes, you saw that correctly! I am being brave and putting my sessions 50% off!! That means for you seniors, couples, engaged couples, and maternity mommas your sessions will only be $25!!! OMG! And for you families, or just kids, and those little teeny newbors??? YUP…your session will only be $37.50!!

Now these sessions will still come with the disc of 10 images, however all other things you choose to purchase will be at their normal rate. Now, all you have to do is pay for it! I’m skipping the mess and letting you know to send your paypal payment to and in the note please tell me that you are booking a session with the Black Friday Special. I will only accept this special between midnight tonight and 5 pm tomorrow!!

And with that ladies and gents I am off to eat, drink and be happy!!! Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!

Mr. WillJ :: Burlington Child Photographer

I have no words for this adorable ball of energy. He is by far the CUTEST little bug! And he is not camera shy for anything.

His mommy and I have become pretty close over the last few weeks. I think close would be an understatement, but for the sake of saving tears, we will go with that. C, I hope that I did your little bug justice with these photos! I cannot wait to get him in front of my lens again soon!

Hi Pawpaw Poole!! We miss you!!!

The Gold Hope Project ::Raising Awareness::

I am so excited to share that I have been chosen as a participating photographer for The Gold Hope Project! This project allows families to capture memories of their fighter and their family no matter what stage in their fight they are at.  Any child 18 and under are eligible for this amazing gift and I am so ready to share my gift with you! For more information click on The Gold Hope Project tab above and be sure to contact us via our website today!


Meet Mr. T :: Burlington, NC Child Photographer ::

Before going all 1984 on me, no, I am not talking about the big guy with gold chains and a Mohawk 🙂 Although, that might be kind of cool….I am talking about this adorable, sweet boy that I got to meet a few weeks ago.

Mr. T was so polite and he had the BEST smile! And although he didn’t feel 100%, he made my job super easy.

This little  man loves to play soccer and after a few minutes of watching him play, I can happily report that he and the sport go hand in hand!

Thank you so much for allowing me to capture you Mr. T! And big thanks to “Momma” for finding me!