The Gold Hope Project ::Raising Awareness::

I am so excited to share that I have been chosen as a participating photographer for The Gold Hope Project! This project allows families to capture memories of their fighter and their family no matter what stage in their fight they are at.  Any child 18 and under are eligible for this amazing gift and I am so ready to share my gift with you! For more information click on The Gold Hope Project tab above and be sure to contact us via our website today!



Meet Mr. T :: Burlington, NC Child Photographer ::

Before going all 1984 on me, no, I am not talking about the big guy with gold chains and a Mohawk 🙂 Although, that might be kind of cool….I am talking about this adorable, sweet boy that I got to meet a few weeks ago.

Mr. T was so polite and he had the BEST smile! And although he didn’t feel 100%, he made my job super easy.

This little  man loves to play soccer and after a few minutes of watching him play, I can happily report that he and the sport go hand in hand!

Thank you so much for allowing me to capture you Mr. T! And big thanks to “Momma” for finding me!

::The Phillips Family :: Burlington, NC Family Photographer::

The Phillips family have a special little place in my heart. Dee is a childcare provider and I was lucky enough to have her as our nanny before she became my client. I have watched her daughter grow along with my brood for the last two years .

I have also had the great pleasure of watching Dee as she brought another adorable little bit into the world ❤ And what a sweet little bug he is!

I feel so honored to keep capturing those moments for this family and I hope I can keep doing it for years to come.

Thank you Dee for being a great part of our lives!