Beach Mini’s & Some Catching Up

Wowzers! I know I’m FAILING at blogging but jeez! This is bad, even for me! I’ve been so super busy over the last few months that I’m not sure which way is up and which way is down! But busy is good! I’ve had so many wonderful sessions with new clients and some repeat sessions as well. I love meeting new people! I’ve decided to combine my sessions in this post just for time’s sake but after today I will be back to blogging each session individually. Without further adieu…pictures!

board 1 june 18

board 2 june 18

board 4 june 18board 3 june 18

Busy, right?! I know!! I have loved every minute of it! On top of those sessions, I’ve also been spending a lot of time with my kiddos since school let out for the summer. I was accepted into Nursing School, which begins in August, and I am LIVING it up while I still can! I’ve got quite a few mini vacations planned for this summer as well. My first one is next week when I’m headed off to Virginia Beach to spend some time with my favorite sister (and best friend to boot)! While I’m there I’m offering BEACH MINI SESSIONS!! These are some of the best kinds of pictures I could ever take and I’m so excited to be offering them! If you or someone you know are going to be in the Chick’s beach area next Tuesday or Wednesday, be sure to send them my way! I only have a few spots open for these gorgeous sunset mini sessions!


That seems like so much information in one post but I’m just glad to be back in the blogging game! On another note, I have updated my website again and am proud to announce that I now offer packages for almost any type of session. Be sure to check them out here! While you are there, be sure to check out the updated galleries for more great pictures from the sessions you got a sneak peek of above. Finally, I wanted to also share that I am now taking session reservations online! You can go directly to my calendar to see what is available and reserve your date instantly!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read the blog today! I hope you enjoyed it! Check back soon for more updates and of course, more great pictures!